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Akio's Misadventures in Animal Crossing going to make tihs blog all about the strange things and other amazing stuff. It will be written in journal entries as both my mayor profile (Akio) and my resident profile (Asako) with their names in the title.

Several services will be provided as follow:

Ask the Mayor- Where you get to ask the Mayor of Nekoton (my towns name)

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Ask the Resident- Where you ask the resident of Nekoton

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Ask the writer- where you get to ask me questions

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Community Photos- Link or post pictures of you in your town so we can see how beautiful it is! ^u^

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Friend Code Sharing- Post your Friend Code so we can join up and meet you in game and so we can gather the many fruit of Animal Crossing.

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Feedback Questions- Where i ask you what i should do next and anything along those lines!

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Feedback Question #1: Should i dedicate a whole wiki for this? or would you rather hava link out to my Animal Crossing:New Leaf blog on Tumblr?

One last thing.

IF you want to ask questions or use anyone of the services in a comment, please put the service name.