• Artishe

    Wiki Candy

    July 21, 2014 by Artishe

    Here you can tell people what WikiCandy you are. Comment below, and do not choose a type of candy that is already taken. 

    The list so far:

    Robyn- WikiCake

    Me- WikiChocolate

    Pikachu Sensai- WikiCandyCorn

    Mary - WikiLollipop

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  • Artishe


    July 9, 2014 by Artishe

    I started making userboxes for myself, including one that said that I'm a WikiFennekin. So, if you want a userbox like that, comment below, and say which pokèmon you are (according to Minicakes.) You can also say what you want the message to be. -L0laStarr

    Userboxes I've made

    (For Myself)

    (For Mini)

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  • Artishe

    Okay, today is July. I really wanted the clerk's shirt, but I missed out on it. I time travelled to June 30th, and when I asked for the DLC, I thought I would get the July DLC. But even better, I got the European DLC, the Cancer table! 

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  • Artishe

    These are the important members of the Animal Crossing Congress. If you feel that a villager is out of place, needs to be switched with another, or there's a position that you can tell me the villager for it, comment below. And please give me a REASON for it!

    Presented to you by the Animal Crossing Wiki Chat:

    President Rosie

    Vice President Marshal

    Secretary Whitney 

    Treasurer Lolly

    Lawyer Olivia

    Spokesman Apollo

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  • Artishe

    So I've been playing this game called Minecraft and while on my favorite server I noticed that a lot of my friends are just like users here. I made a list of the Minecraft users, the Animal Crossing users, and why the AC users are like MC users. Here it is, and feel free to comment if you want to know who you're like! Also, if you're a minecraft player and would like to meet me in Minecraft, just leave a message on my wall. (Minecraft Server list is inaccurate, please ignore the "Last seen" because many of these players were online on June 10th)

    User:CattyKitsune - Quirby101. Quirky, friendly, and my BFF! 

    User:HOAFanguying -  hrsenior. The friendly guy who likes helping others

    User:Fluf59001 - MangoTree00 AKA Mooshie5. Very helpful, and a gr…

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