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Hey everyone. for those of you who don't know, im new to this wiki, but not to wikia in general, and i have been playing the Animal Crossing series for a LONG time now.

ANYWAY, as from looking at gameplay footage, trailers, rumors, etc, i have some good expectations for this game. One thing i find interesting is you can finally choose where to put your house. I felt ever since Animal Crossing came to the USA (by the way, i do live in the United States) there should have been some form of selection of where your house is and i am glad that after all this time they finally implemented that. I also find interesting that insted of starting with a house, you get a tent instead. It really shows me how much they have put into the making of this game. I am ALSO impressed that they even have more stores in the game, even comparing to City Folk. But the thing i am most excited for is the re-introduction to the Island that was last seen in Animal Crossing.

In spite of this, the one thing I might be trying to get used to is being mayor instead of Tortimer. I realize he's still in the game, and does mini-game stuff, but i personally think that he should play in bigger role than that.

Anyway, what are YOUR expectations on New Leaf, and what are you looking the most foward to/not looking forward to?

I am sorry in advanced if someone has already posted a similar post, again, i am new here XD

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