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Hi! I am looking for more friends to add and play with on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. My friend code is 3024-5688-5778 and give me yours in the comment section down below. I will be giving away items due to the situation that my town is over-flowing with items (and all my storages in my mueseums are filled and so are my chests) and I am trying to rid of some items that I will not be using anymore.

I play almost everyday for several hours, and get on my 3DS often. If you would also like to go out of Animal Crossing to other games that we may both have, or use SwapNote, Just tell me in game if we do get to meet each other on Animal Crossing. Hope you decide to share your friend code with me as well!

P.S: Please include your MiiCharacter name, your friend code, and what you are looking to do with me on Animal Crossing (Trading/Chatting/Taking some items/Etc;)

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