I personally think that Nintendo has let me down on the English villager names. Cherry (a dog) suited Hannah much more, and no matter how many times I say it, the name just does not fit. Also, Claudia (a tiger), Pashmina (a go






at), and Annalisa (an anteater) do not suit their names. Marilyn, Barbara and Miyabi were better, more suiting names. Broffina was also unbearably awful compared to Cassandra.

On the other hand, Greta is a great name for a mouse and Pancetti is not too bad too.

What do you think about this. Please post your opinions below.

Also, Do you have any ideas for other Japanese villagers names that haven't been translated and changed into English.

E.g. Canberra would quite suit Kerry in my opinion, and also Chas would suit Oscar. What's your verdict, please also contribute and share your ideas below.