I finally got down to writing this blog. At this time I want to tell you about my town in Animal Crossing called Town Bun. All residents can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Grizzly , Mallary, Whitney, Stitches, Merry, Mott, Margie, Lucy, and one peppy duck, which I don't like.


Here is a map of Town Bun

Гриззли уезжает

Came to say goodbye to the Grizzly

And I do remember that instead of Stitches was Elmer and instead Whitney was Olivia... And Grizzly also going to leave the Town Bun... Katrina predicted that a new resident to Scorpio. For some reason I believe it will be Gaston , but I'm not sure about this...

Next time, I'll probably tell you about my house.

Photo in the City

"Fresh" photo in the City