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BossNaut January 1, 2014 User blog:BossNaut

NOTE:Everything that is said in this blog is infact true and not a story but the Wartpocalypse thing is a joke :D

Not that long ago,I had to start a new New Leaf save(kind of deleted my other one by mistake)and things went normal until IT happened.So before I actually say what happened,my starting villagers were:Astrid,Bluebear,Cobb,Benedict and...Wart Jr with the addition of Mira and Mitzi.

First happening was that Benedict got the same tank as Wart Jr,I was like,"Uhh,okay whatever."Then Bluebear changed her catchphrase to,"grr-ribbit.Few days later,I noticed something different about his changed too!!And now Mira changed her dress to Wart's one aswell!What the heck is going on?!I know this is probably a coincedance but I don't want to wake up to find out all my villagers wear the same clothes and have the same catchphrase xD

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