• I live in Texas
  • My occupation is Playing Animal Crossing, reading book, and practicing the violin
  • I am Female
  • BubbleSmackNPop500

    Okay, since I saw a lot of blog posts asking people to add them, I decided to do the some. I have Wild World, as you can tell by the title, and I love it if I could go in somebody's town or if somebody could go into my town. I already added my friend code in the database, but the people who have Wild World are unactive, and it doesn't look like that many people visit there... So I am writing it again here. My town is pretty boring... Just so you know.

    Town Name: My home

    Player Name: Su-Ji

    Friend Code: 3912-9306-5286

    Native Fruit: Peaches

    That is about it... please add me, and I will add you! I have Central time and I usually play in Fridays/Saturdays in the afternoon after 3:30.

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