I have a question for people that watch youtube. How many people on this site know the youtube user "chuggaaconroy"? He's famous for making walkthroughs (for the mother series, pokemon, etc.), and even did some to raise charity. He also does small things, like show off his Animal crossing things, shows off intersesting tidbits, even going so far as to sing with other youtube users and have the vids posted. For those that don't know, his account has been suspended! I don't know if anyone else here is as fond of his videos as me, or have even seen any of his vids, but I wanna help him! I want to know if anyone wants to help me. I'm planning on making a youtube account soon, and I'm eager to help him get his account unsuspended. You can read about it here:,_others_from_YouTube Some dumb users (aka pathetic low-life vandals) apparently were impersonating the copyright owners and got chuggaaconroy and other users suspended. I urge people that have youtube accounts to spread the word on youtube. I know I don't usually act like this, but when it comes to causing big problems to great people for no reason, and when it's something this big (at least, I find it big), I can get an attitude change. So, like I said before, I urge any users on here that own a youtube account to spread the word! Please help undo these vandalisms on youtube!