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    Dream Towns Update!

    September 8, 2013 by Casajeking

    Thank you for supporting Dream Towns! You've heped this little Idea soar! This post is a bit late, so I'm sorry on my behalf.

    Thank you for reading Dream Towns! It makes it so awesome that my little blog has started getting some fans! In return, I have something for you guys.

    Official Dream Town Stuff!

    Based on my normal wear when touring dreams, I have made a cool hoodie that everyone can wear! It's pretty awesome, don't you think? Regulars on the wiki will be given prizes if found wearing such attire (send me a pic of you wearing it to validate!).

    As for other news, guess what will be covered in episode four?

    And finally, If you support Dream Towns, please visit  our goal to get an official blog for Dream Towns! Of course, this won't be until …

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  • Casajeking

    Heyo! Welcome back to Dream Towns! If you like the show,Supernatural, then you will love this! While going around random dreams, I encountered a mayor named Eternity, and she gave me a swingin' town to look at! Have a look!

    If you haven't watched Supernatural before, it's basically about two brothers against the world. Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, against heaven, hell, angels, demons, and sometimes, themselves.  The show will make you laugh, cry, and make you ship characters so hard. That's about everything, I guess.

    When you enter Dean's "house", you the main focus of atttention are these signs from the show. From left to right, they represent: A sign to ward off demons trying to possess you, an angel banishing sign that must be writ…

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  • Casajeking

    Hello, and welcome back to Dream Towns! If you are a fan of cute things, listen up! My good friend, Daniel, linked me 1300-0483-1618, a dream code which led me to a cool town made by a Japanese player! Let's check it out!

    As you can see, the mayor of this town was nice enough to give me something to change into! Aside from that, this town is very "springy". I feel welcome to drink a cup of coffee (the mayor also left this for me) ! I really think drinking coffee left out for an infinite amount of time in the dream world is not okay.

    As you can see, this place is very diverse. This is like the opposite of JENOVA (see episode 1!). I find it awesome that the mayor left the Hero's set for me to wear. What a nice mayor.

    The residents of the town ar…

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  • Casajeking

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first official episode of Dream Towns!  Let's start of the series with a bang, because we aren't going just yet (just like "Final" Fantasy). Speaking of which, YmPrat gave me a recommendation to visit the town of JENOVA. I first thought, "hey, isn't that from Final Fatasy?", so I decided to check it out. I do not play Final Fantasy, so I do not get all of the references. Without further ado, let's jump into JENOVA!

    So, the first thing I notice is this GIGANTIC tree! Look at It! Unless you time travel, this is impossible!

    I then stumble upon a two zen castles and a zen garden! Another thing to note is that there is a meteor shower! Pretty awesome, right! The mayor of this town must be very creative! Wait a  …

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  • Casajeking

    Hello, everyone! I'm Casajeking, and I want to make a new series. The star? YOU! I'll be showcasing cool dream towns, and I'll also take reccomendations from other wiki users! On special days, I might even showcase a wiki user's town (If they let me)! Be sure to check back soon for the first episode!

    Also, I'm currently taking reccomendations right now, so if you have a town in mind, tell me!

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