Hello everyone, and welcome to the first official episode of Dream Towns!  Let's start of the series with a bang, because we aren't going just yet (just like "Final" Fantasy). Speaking of which, YmPrat gave me a recommendation to visit the town of JENOVA. I first thought, "hey, isn't that from Final Fatasy?", so I decided to check it out. I do not play Final Fantasy, so I do not get all of the references. Without further ado, let's jump into JENOVA!


What a big tree!

So, the first thing I notice is this GIGANTIC tree! Look at It! Unless you time travel, this is impossible!

How harmonious!

I then stumble upon a two zen castles and a zen garden! Another thing to note is that there is a meteor shower! Pretty awesome, right! The mayor of this town must be very creative! Wait a  minute, who is the mayor?

HNI 0035

So THAT'S the mayor!

After trudging through some dead plants and trees, I encounter a mysterious castle and everyone's favorite guy, Sephiroth!I felt kinda weird talking to him with my pjs on, but he was cool with it.

I'd love to talk more about it, but I'm running out of room. I do hope you go out and check JENOVA out, especially if you like Final Fantasy seven. Hope to talk to you soon! Until then, sleep tight!