Hello, and welcome back to Dream Towns! If you are a fan of cute things, listen up! My good friend, Daniellinked me 1300-0483-1618, a dream code which led me to a cool town made by a Japanese player! Let's check it out!

As you can see, the mayor of this town was nice enough to give me something to change into! Aside from that, this town is very "springy". I feel welcome to drink a cup of coffee (the mayor also left this for me) ! I really think drinking coffee left out for an infinite amount of time in the dream world is not okay.


The Hero of Time gets a tan and coffee.

As you can see, this place is very diverse. This is like the opposite of JENOVA (see episode 1!). I find it awesome that the mayor left the Hero's set for me to wear. What a nice mayor.


Uh, you're missing the bowl, son.

The residents of the town are in a way, somewhat creepy.They see to like to wear gas masks in an empty-childish way (comment if you got that reference). On the other hand, the houses are pretty awesome. They give me a pre-school kind of feel.

And then they put "this" in. Disgusting. This made me bawl out laughing, almost enough to pee myself. That was a lame joke.

So, that's all that I have today, but you should totally check this place out. The code was up above, so that is awesome. Also, special thanks to Daniel. Go check out his new blog.

I'll leave this here to end the blog. Sleep tight!


Please scan this.