Heyo! Welcome back to Dream Towns! If you like the show,Supernatural, then you will love this! While going around random dreams, I encountered a mayor named Eternity, and she gave me a swingin' town to look at! Have a look!


This is what the town is called.

If you haven't watched Supernatural before, it's basically about two brothers against the world. Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, against heaven, hell, angels, demons, and sometimes, themselves.  The show will make you laugh, cry, and make you ship characters so hard. That's about everything, I guess.


Look at all these signs!

When you enter Dean's "house", you the main focus of atttention are these signs from the show. From left to right, they represent: A sign to ward off demons trying to possess you, an angel banishing sign that must be written in blood, a demon's trap, and the most sinister of all: A Tuesday "Pig-n-Poke" sign. Most Supernatural fans will cry upon sight.


You're welcome, Cas.

Ah, Castiel. Most people will never find an angel as fine as Cas. Played by the fun Misha Collins, Cas is basically the angel who defied heaven. He may seem weird at first, but he is someone you'd like to have a friend or a "guardian angel". The Winchester boys are lucky to have him on their side.

So, that ends this week's episode! I highly reccomend watching Supernatural, because it is a very cool show. Season 9 is actually coming soon, so that makes it pretty awesome. Anyways, expect a post tommorow, because I'd like to talk about the next episode, merchandise, and maybe an official blog! Until then, sleep tight!