Thank you for supporting Dream Towns! You've heped this little Idea soar! This post is a bit late, so I'm sorry on my behalf.

Thank you for reading Dream Towns! It makes it so awesome that my little blog has started getting some fans! In return, I have something for you guys.

Official Dream Town Stuff!

Based on my normal wear when touring dreams, I have made a cool hoodie that everyone can wear! It's pretty awesome, don't you think? Regulars on the wiki will be given prizes if found weari
  • Da front!
  • Da back!
  • Da side!
  • Da other side!
ng such attire (send me a pic of you wearing it to validate!).

As for other news, guess what will be covered in episode four?


So spooky! :0

And finally, If you support Dream Towns, please visit  our goal to get an official blog for Dream Towns! Of course, this won't be until a full twelve episodes have been made, so please help us to our goal! Until next week, sleep tight!