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Hey Ya'll! Üü

Animal Crossing :DD!

First thing I do when I have free time is ACWW! It's totally addicting & I love it! Well, since my old resident Ribbot moved away (without me knowing it!), I got Buck as a replacement. Buck seems weird, LOL. Can someone tell me what he's like? Is he mean? Is he nice? ooooooooommmmgggg ;)

Daily Routine

Today my mom woke me up 7:40am for my swimming lesson. I seem to stink at [[1]]! I can't keep my feet at the perfect distance & it keeps sinking down the water :'( instead I did a light Kick Futter Kick (shh! don't tell coach neil!) Haha... after that I ate some food & went home. So that'zz when I got bored and played ACWW & computer. & about 4:30 we left for some martial art lesson...ate my dinner (spaghetti, french fries & a float! mmm!). And that's when I wrote this. Pretty simple huh? :">

Today's Cutesy Quote✩

"If I could just re-arrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ❤."

-Credit to Pam Ela

-Chel (lovesYoü)

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