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Here are mine:

  • Never go in the 3rd floor (we have 3 floors) Girl's bathroom. It's haunted and the door doesn't shut all the way.
  • If you like Hannah Montana then you are doomed.
  • If you like Justin Beaver you are popular (UGGH! i wish that could change)
  • If you don't like that disgusting jerk, then you can join a country that these boys in my class made. (I'm a member.)
  • My school is closing next year and we are moving to another school called Carbone but we are not mixing with them.
  • There are disgusting things smeared on the walls (green things, not brown things) in the first two stalls. So my tip is to NOT go in there.
  • If you are friends with the fifth graders at my school, you are a weird person that no one wants to know.
  • There are some veeery Emo-tional people in my class. Yuck.
  • You are a popular person if you play football (boys) or basketball (girls).
  • If you like Demi Lovato everyone hates you.
  • If you are not wearing a silly band you are stupid. (which is a stupid rule!!!!)
  • In 6th grade you stop giving valentines.
  • If you like Disney Channel you are unpopular.
  • If you watch MTV and all that you are even more popular.
  • If you are in chorus you are a strange person.
  • If you like this kid named Jason Gold you are a weird freak person.
  • He is a tap dancer. And he's a boy. And he's in chorus. And he doesn't do any sports.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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