Whitney told me she was moving! YES!!!! Now all I have left is Gwen, Clyde, Curt, and Grizzly to kick out. Not neccessarily in that order. I really want Queenie, Cookie, Chrissy, or Franchine to move in. Franchine would have to move from my friend's town, Disney. And Kitty is so amazing. I hope she comes from Disney too. Queenie is my BFFFFFFFFFF, Cookie is such a sweetie pie, and Chrissy seems sweet. I don't know if they will since I have to get a flagpole and then we make a new town. Any town name ideas? We already have a couple:

Connecticut (my brother: how original)

Aeropostale (me)

Animalio (my 4 year old sister)

Rainbow (my brother)

Coldstone (me, after that ice cream store)

Hollywood (my sister)

Gracie (me)

So far, Coldstone and Hollywood seem the best.