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  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Student
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  • Cocktailsauce

    ~ Here are some tips from me to you! :3 

    • Do NOT run, it kills grass, unless, of course, you want dirt, then run all you want!
    • Talk to Sable at the Able Sisters everyday & she will become friendly & you will unlock the sewing machine/QR codes
    • I have heard snow, growing (& watering) plants on dirt help grow back the grass
    • I would always recommend donating everything I get to the mueseum, it just makes it look so much nicer than an empty shell with empty rooms.
    • There are guides to help you find what painting/sculpture is real & not real. -------->
    • There are also MANY more guides there too & here on the Wikia as well!
    • A different rock everyday will give you Bells, you can hit it a…
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  • Cocktailsauce


    July 4, 2016 by Cocktailsauce

    ~ I was wondering if anyone knew special ways to get the tarantula out? I have been looking, but cannot find any! It is currently nearly ten pm & July 3rd in my town. Any help is greatly apprciated! ~

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  • Cocktailsauce

    ~ I finally caught the hermit crab!

    XoXo ~

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