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Animal Crossing Movie (The Villager Who Would Be Mayor)

Cornimer August 23, 2010 User blog:Cornimer
The villager who would be mayor

The ad poster

Fire! Tarantulas! Scorpions! Bees!


Okay... I have decided to work on a short movie called The Villager Who Would Be Mayor (or 'The Villager' for short). I'm not going to ruin too much of the story, but basically it's an Action movie. The mayor (Tortimer) is leaving and a spot for a new Mayor has opened up. However, Michael (a new villager who has just moved in to the town) wishes to be mayor. Tortimer gets to decide who he wants to be Mayor before he leaves. However, Miss Mallary also wants to be Mayor. Miss Mallary is a more respected member of Adlyn (the town), and therefore Tortimer is thinking he should choose her. But Michael insists he should be Mayor. Tortimer asks Michael to prove his worthiness by asking him to catch a Bee and a Coelacanth; if he can do this before Tortimer leaves, Michael will become Mayor. However Miss Mallary hires a criminal to stop Michael at all costs!

Dates... (can be altered at any time, so check back!)

Trailer... Watch Here!

Part 1 (Wiki Screening) ... 27th September

Part 1 ............................ 1st October

Part 2 (Wiki Screening) ... 3rd October

Part 2 ............................. 7th October


I need some people for the final scene but will tell you about that nearer the time...

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