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Clothing Designs! :D

Hey guys! Just finished some clothing designs and thought you might like them. Going to have more, just gotta wait. :)

-Cubcake2001 --Be yourself, don't be what others think you should be. 23:01, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

Blue Prom Dress:

HNI 0036Blue Prom Dress 2/4Blue Prom Dress 3/4Blue Prom Dress 4/4

Purple Prom Dress:

Purple Prom Dress 14Purple Prom Dress 24Purple prom Dress 34Purple Prom Dress 44

Pink Prom Dress:

Pink prom Dress 14Pink prom Dress 24Pink Prom Dress 34Pink Prom Dress 44

Turqoise Prom Dress:

Turquoise Prom Dress 14Turquoise Prom Dress 24Turquoise Prom Dress 34Turquoise Prom Dress 44

  • Pink prom dress worn with pink tulips and black pumps.
  • Purple prom dress worn with purple tulips and black pumps.
  • Turqoise prom dress worn with jacobs ladder and black pumps.
  • Blue prom dress worn with white lilies and black pumps.

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