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I have an announcement

Today is my last day on the wiki. I had great friends and stuff, but the truth is, I can stop Flynn from spamming, but the new spammer is a football player named Chuck Linke. He is mad at me and Flynn, because he thinks Flynn should've crashed the site. Chuck pirates my internet, so we have the same IP. If he's gonna hurt all of you, and make me look like the bad guy, I can't stand it. I am leaving this wiki tomorrow. I will return someday. I miss you all. Don't think I'm going to Nookipedia, either. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! {{SUBST:Delete| WAY TOO AWESOME!!! MIND BLOWINGLY EPIC!!! I am Daimon CRAY! 11:46, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

Update: Pyche!!!! I was gonna leave, but I found out Chuck is moving soon. YES!!! This means no same IP. Besides, you miss me too much. I guess I couldn't hurt you guys like that, so!!! 23:42, March 22, 2011 (UTC){{SUBST:Delete| WAY TOO AWESOME!!! MIND BLOWINGLY EPIC!!! I am Daimon CRAY!

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