Decided to try something diffrent. This is not meant to be offensive. A teaser to this is on PS's blog. Clu-2's epic! GO CASTOR! CRAY-DAIMON CRAY 00:47, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Since DF is adopted, now: Mini comes in PS's mid-western style ranch. Just by looking at it, you can tell how rich PS is. PS returns from toweling off. She has a diaphonous white dress on. PS has water dripping down her black hair. Min accuses her of killing his father, when Soupness comes in and says, "You just are mad because OUR land is bigger than yours." He wants to know why Min and his family are trying to beat up rich people. Carmen comes in with a purple velvet thingy and points a gun to Min's head. Mick hates on Master CLU. Now, I come in with a BB, and Carmen admits to killing off Min's father so SHE could have all the money in the world. And in comes Master CLU, who lifts up a roman urn, his biceps flexing in the dark. He throws the urn. He asks why we are squabbling over land when ISO's endanger the earth with nukes. A catfight goes on. The scene changes. For some reason we are in a garden. We find out that though Mick is in love with Carmen, fates have sworn him to another. Flynn bursts in on his bike like a spanish matador, dueling Master CLU for my love. Master CLU's pex get all glisteny with sweat. While this is happening, DragonFree's real parents come in, saying, "Oh my user, DF, who are these people?" Soupness says, "DF, your parents are such CARDS! Do you want to play bingo on my 5th favorite yacht? 1, 2, 3, and 4 are at the docks." Aeryka enters. And Aeryka and Flynn admit to being partners in the scheme to undermine Master CLU as epic dictator. Because, if he can't wear a shirt, hows he supposed to run the grid? TO BE CONTINUED... In the teaser, we see SA return, swearing that Master CLU must leave. Now.