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And now, our featured presentation.

'Dragonfree: What are you doing to her? Aeryka takes the helmet off A99. Aeryka: There. It's done now. CLU: WHAT ARE YOU GOING DO NOW? 'Aeryka: I don't know. Take some stuff over? First the wiki, then- THE WORLD!

MEANWHILE... Minifig and Carmen have finished making out. He observes her wounds. Minifig: He tore you up pretty bad, didn't he? Carmen: We should really start looking for a hospital SA: Oh, yes you should.

Carmen turns around and the next thing she knew she was picked up by Minifig and ran. SA threw a rock and he tripped. Carmen started crying when she saw Minifig unconcious.

Carmen: Minifig! Wake up! SA: Now, where were we?

He picks up Carmen, who is screaming and yelling.

Carmen: Knock it off! Minifig saved me once, he'll do it again! DC and everyone else will too! SA: DC, the idiot CLU, and the rest have their own problems. Mini freak will be with the others. Areyka and Flynn can deal with him.

A pick up truck pulls up and Flynn steps out. SA drops Carmen and helps put Minifig in the back of the truck then grabs Carmen and they get in the back of Flynn's truck. Carmen falls asleep again and dreams about Minifig.

'SA': Great she is asleep again. Take us to the location of Aeryka. We will show her to her friends again.

MEANWHILE... The gang is coming up with a plan to escape Then Aeryka walks in.

Aeryka: We have visitors!

Suddenly, Flynn and SA enter the cave carrying Minifig. A few seconds later Carmen is carried in.

DC, PS, and DF: Carmen!! PS: Uhh, Carmen is unconcoius.... SA: ...and she will be in this cell and won't be out anytime soon. Clu: Help me wake Minifig up! Minifig: I was never unconcious. Is Carmen ok? PS: She doesn't look like it.

SA, Flynn, and Aeryka pick up Carmen's cage and take her into another room. The chained crew all stand up and follow them into the room where they were fixing her ankle. SA and Flynn put on her cast and Aeryka found a pair of crutches for her to use.

DC: (whispers) wow. SA must really love her. Minifig: (whispers) He does and so do I PS: (screams) WHAT?!?!?!?

Find out what happens next in What the heck is this... episode 5

Carmen wakes up to see her ankle in a cast. Do Minifig and the others escape? Find out next time!