• DelibirdSanta Webko

    Hello everyone! In the chat, there's always these inactive nights, so regularly...We have broadcasts some nights between 10:00 PM EST - 4:00/5:00 AM EST. Broadcasting schedule will be sent out soon...

    Our main host is: 


    Currently looking for more Hosts, Applications soon.

    The broadcasts are always on

    Main broadcasters:

    TheHugomon and Saffronmoonbeam

    Anyone is free to broadcast, Just do not do anything inappropriate. It's just unacceptable, This is new to the wiki, And we want it to be a community thing, So please, Don't ruin it.

    Broadcasting admins:


    Applications for Admins will be soon.

    Broadcasting will be featuring our broadcasters playing games, Such as virtual console games, And just chatting with each…

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