Description First observed Most recently observed Fixed
'Options' icon is broken 2013 April 2014 Yes
Chat.js doesn't load properly April 9th 2014 April 13th 2014 Yes
'User left the chat' message not sent to all clients March 2014 July 31st 2014 No
Previous messages unable to be seen when joining March 2014 March 2014 Yes
First PM sent to another user does not appear on their screen March 2014 April 13th 2014 Yes
Chat intermittently throws everyone off (the 'nuke crash') July 29th 2014 August 1st 2014 Reported fixed by Wikia
Certain MultiPM scripts crash client July 30th 2014 July 31st 2014 No
Rail doesn't show all online users August 1st 2014 August 1st 2014 No

Comment if you notice any more