Alright, so we all know you can fish in Animal Crossing series. And catch bugs, too. :P Anyway, this is something me and Dab were talking about ages ago. How Animal Crossing series can inspire one, in a fashion, to take up hobbies. For him, see User:Dabtowner/ Bug Diary. But for me, head of the Fish section of the FBP, fish have been inspirational.

I've always been fascinated by fish, ever since I was liek, 4, and I suppose that after playing my sister's Wild World and catching a Shark, I wanted to get it myself. Soon, I'd caught all the fish. Then I found this wiki, and what follows is practically wiki history. Hints at the formation of a then Project Fish and Project Bugs were plastered around the site. Even the founder, Aerkya had expressed interest in a future Fish/Bugs project, and that was 5 years ago this August!!!

The FBP was founded in early 2009, by myself and Dab, as head of the fish and bug sections respectively. And one of the things I had discovered was the adorable Ocean Sunfish. It was one of those things, that you see, but don't take any notice of, until you know it's there, and what it is. Like there's some sort of perception filter (forgive the Doctor Who reference here :P).

And then, we had E3. You'll probably remember it well... we had New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Golden Sun DS... essentialy a comeback from the previous year's E3, (City Folk and Wii Sports Resort were the only 'killer apps', as they say, there...) and on other sides of the gaming world, we had the PlayStation Arc and XBOX Project Natal... but there was one game which really caught my attention. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep.

I suppose after reading about Endless Ocean in the UK Official Nintendo Magazine and not buying it for months, after constantly urging myself to, caused me to take note of this game. Plus the ever-cute mola mola. Anyone who knows about the Endless Ocean series will now be able to tell where this is going.

Fast-forward to February the 5th, 2009. Release of Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep. I always get things on the launch day, because I'll have finished them by the time my friends get them (Yes, I do have friends, if somehow Stan is reading :P Which he probably isn't, but ah, well.).

I wasn't expecting the game to be fairly lengthy, and had reached the Zahhab Region in 8 hours, but what really appeals to me about Endless Ocean is the fish. And after unlocking the in-game aquarium, I thought to myself, 'Why look at fish through glass (as of course most people have done, in an aquarium, or a fishbowl with two fish in them got from the fair :P) , when one can swim with them?' Which was, of course, what the whole game was about. Swimmin' with the fishies.

And now, one week off my first scuba diving lesson, writing about the whole story. Goodness, this got longer than I'd intended it to :P !

Anybody else got any stories (or epic novels :P) about Animal Crossing series inspiring them to do something? Or any other games, to be fair...