Okay guys, unless anything big comes up in the next two to three days, this is my last blog on I start with a minute of silence to remember what this site used to be:

insert one minute of silence here

Anyway, now that's over, I have a few words to say.

I joined this wiki in December of the year two thousand and eight, almost two years ago. When I joined, City Folk was just released. Everyone had a great time, discussing happily their first moments or achievements in the new game. Over time... users dissappeared... so did I, for a while. Absent was I from this great wiki August of 2009, through to the January at the start of the year we are close to ending now. And then... I came back. Everything had changed, but some people were still there. MerrytonRyan, by join date the second oldest currently-active user, after myself. SuperAlpaca, who I had met briefly in August of the previous year, was an administrator on this then-dormant Animal Crossing encyclopaedia. After a few months, beginning around March, many new users decided to join. Those are who we see in positions of power now, people like Sailor sofia, Minifig-me and NintendoLover, who, I am informed, has left Wikia because of the new skin, according to his account on ac.shoutwiki. And more upon more users joined, some only for two weeks, some from then to now.

Now, after much discussion, anger, and sadness, the epic tale of the Animal Crossing Wiki must draw to a close, as we prepare for the almost-definitely-gonna-happen transfer of our articles to the independent host located at

This, and again I state this, will be my last blog before the inevitable move, hopefully completed this weekend.

As a penultimate remark, users, please try and persuade Minifig-me to come with us, too.

And as an epic final word: Dragonfree97 is out, peace!