" Animal Crossing Hohinda Village News from " Abesayori

" Shogakukan grade by learning magazine "," Putchigumi and serialized in ". "Animal Crossing Hohinda Village News from" name time was also that had been serialized in the.

" Everyone of Animal Crossing "Koyama snow

Of "Shogakukan learning magazine", "Hohinda village Dayori" is being serialized in grade that has not been posted.

The "Animal Crossing: Wild World Dragonfly Village News from" → " and let's go by Animal Crossing dragonfly Village News from the city " Shimo-fu Rumi " + Wii Famitsu DS Supplement of "" family 2 comic is serialized in ".

"Animal Crossing pudding Village Diary" Matsuyama registered

"Monthly Nintendo Kids" December 2001 issue, and was serialized from April 2002 issue February 2003 issue through (magazine last issue). Book was released Volume 1, but the second half has not been book form.

" Animal Crossing: Wild World ~ Pepper village of nuts! ~ " arrow Takasuzu center

" CoroCoro Comic "( Shogakukan ) it was serialized from July 2006 through February 2007.

" Animal Crossing: Wild World - happy communication ~ " Morie Mako

" Chao "(Shogakukan) it was serialized from October 2006 to December 2007 issue.

"Everyone Forest Story" Oga fifteen

" Den Geki Nintendo DS until the January 2009 issue in the "," character parfait serialized in ".

" The Animal Crossing ~ Dandelion Village News from - Let's go to town "Morie Mako In series from "Chao" January 2009 issue.

"The Animal Crossing Let's go to town Viva! Komorebi Village" Yumiko Murakami It is being serialized in "Den Geki Nintendo DS" from the February 2009 issue.

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Kohe Separate Colo comic is being serialized in.