Jan 2013 Update

  1. Redid the drop down menus next to the logo up there. 'Changes' still links to Recent Changes so that functionality remains.
  2. The 'Number 100!!!' blog is now, due to its popularity, the chat thread for the wiki. This thread alone is exempted from the thread lock rule.
  3. You can link to that thread with {{CT}} (producing 'Chat thread')
  4. Administrators can now find a list of all useful non-defunct MediaWiki pages at User:Dragonfree97/MediaWiki pages. The rest can be found at Special:AllMessages.
  5. Condensed the <title> element. It's not necessary to have such a big one when 99% of people visiting will be using tabbed browsing which won't display the whole page title.
  6. Changed the Main Page <title>. Seriously, what the hell are 'codes'?
  7. Updated the Rules to include rules for the Wiki Chat.
  8. You can now link to the rules with {{rules}} (producing 'Rules').
  9. You can now link to the Wiki Chat with {{chat}} (producing 'Wiki Chat').
  10. Updated rules to include guidelines regarding personal information.
  11. {{threadlock}} has been created. Usage is {{threadlock|reason}} for administrators locking discussion thread.
  12. Removed the broken Standard Summaries box when editing (I think).
  13. Updated Wiki Logo to have centred and more readable text.
  14. Updated the favicon to feature the tree logo and not the sign logo.
  15. Changed link text colour because for some reason it was still green despite the winter theme

Think that's all. Will update post if I find more.