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Over on, some guy called Adam has asked us if we wished to join the NIWA Animal Crossing wiki. I didn't even know there was one... discuss. And technically, we wouldn't be independant, we have to talk at all of TEH OVER GIYZ first. And no instant adminship. Discuss.

After looking at this wiki, I have discovered that it is in effect, dead, and there are thirty nine articles.

Screw ShoutWiki, I think we should all pack up and go there :P - independence.

After looking a bit further, it appears this wiki has suffered database failure, and has had to start again. Old wiki host went bust or summit. NIWA gave them funding, and now they're independent.

From C-Star's talk page on ACShoutWiki:

Template:QT - Post made today, 6 and a half hours ago.

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