Okay, so I got to my local GAME to get this Celebi for Zorua on Pokémon Black and White when they come out next week. I also took my DSiXL, cos if you trade it in, you get like £80 ($130) off of a pre-order for the Nintendo 3DS. I also preordered PilotWings and Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever (cos you know, Nintendogs rocks :D). They had a Nintendo 3DS for people to try. I had a go.


The Nintendo 3DS, Japan release date February 26th, Europe and Australia release date March 25th, North America release date March 27th

First thing you notice is, obviously, the 3D. You put the slider to the bottom and you're like, yeah, wow, a DS with widescreen... and then you push the slider up, and, bam. The Face Raiders menu starts floating. Weird. So I press 'A' to start. The game then proceeded to take a picture of a person nearby. In this case, my mum. Next, I was taken to the actual game. What you're supposed to do is point the camera around, actually turn, and floaty faces appear, you press 'A' to shoot them. The buttons are like those on the DSi - nice and clicky. You can also 'break' the background, for want of a better term... I kinda smashed it all cos I kept missing the faces :/

The Slide Pad moves nicely under your thumb, it's smooth, and really easy to use... a million times better than the PSP's. And no, I'm not just saying that because I'm a Nintendo fanboy, it actually is much better. They've changed the colour of the pad too... it's now white, rather than blue/black... more grey, actually...

Size-wise (rofl) the console is about the same size as the DSi... for those who've never seen one, that's a little bigger than the DSlite. The depth slider is quite small, unobtrusive... it was not distracting in the game, as I thought it would have been.

So, uh, yeah. That concludes my thoughts on playing a 3DS. Read, discuss, whatever. And you have to take the Celebi to Ilex Forest Shrine, and make sure your Pokémon are better than, say, level 50...