Okay, people. This is my last blog. As you probably are aware, I am leaving on the 31st. For good. If you want to talk to me, you'll have to find me here. Anyway, a few things to say here.

On the 26th of October, I posted a comment, here:

I'd imagine, from experience...

we could either:

1) Move to a different wiki farm. Different overall rules, look probably similar to Wikipedia. Problem is, the server would probably have the same 13+ rule. Easy to do, though.

2) Become independant. With the help of NIWA, we could probably pull it off, if we could sort the funding issue. We'd have free reign over the skin, the rules, the administration system... basically, everything would be ours. Individuality rocks!

We would still be able to edit pages, though.

What has happened is option two. Also, in the post below, Minifig, you said:

I like idea 2. For that idea, you have my (support image) Support. For the other.....not so much...... (oppose image) Oppose. 

Just sayin'.

If you don't believe me, User blog:Dragonfree97/Doomsday - second page.

Anyway, an update on the new wiki - We have obtained Monaco. Also, we have a special page that shows you who's online. I have said this loads of times, and you're probably gonna get annoyed, but anyone who wants to come over is perfectly welcome to. You will keep your reputation and powers. If you have any problems with navigation or what have you, please say.

From December 2008... to December 2010... two years... one and a half of which '' was typed into my address bar many times more than anything else... It's time to move. Unless something big comes up, like A giant exploding vat of nitroglycerin aboard a yacht - or a killer vandal... I dunno...