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The newsletter - here's a quiz

Try and solve it without cheating. You'll probably not get them all. If you need an explanation, just ask in the comments.

AC General Knowledge

1) Astronomer (7)
2) A shark but not a shark (5,7)
3) A fish and a villager (4)
4) The king of laziness - what a cool-cat! (3)
5) The last month for this digger bug (3)
6) What's happening Saturday 12, 2011? (2-2-3)
7) '? + Moppina = BFF!' (5)
8) Here, they eat grilled cheese, but there is no cheese. (7)
9) Another king, but one of music. Genji has it. (4,1.1.)
10) Snork. (5)

And now for the very hard questions:

11) E here, A there, but the spelling doesn't change. Still, it's a good show. (5)
12) Bird or bug? Ask the spotted. (7)
13) Romantic but good dictator, but the latter third left. (8)
14) No secrets here, I'm afraid. (3,7)
15) Early, but not quite true. (10)



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