Okay guys, this is it. Time to leave. But first, this is COMPETITION 24!

Type: YouTube Video
Judge: I have no idea!

Anyway, I said I would leave at the end of December, did I not? So, after two years and thirteen days... I must say farewell. Also, please take the time to listen to this song which I came across the other day.

It's called 'So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish'. Well, if you want to contact me, you can use (I recommend that game, you should download it) or at the new wiki, now located at - because it's now called Nookipedia. Slightly more creative than 'Animal Crossing Wiki' and 'Animal Crossing City', I might state. Yeah, and to re-instate the point I have been making since doomsday, any users coming over from here will be welcomed with open arms, your powers will be kept the same (you may get new ones, the powers system is slightly different), your reputation as a great editor (or a horrible one, all you vandals out there) will be kept the same... yeah. Oh, we have a new skin being implemented soon, it's really nice, but we also have a few other skins to choose from, Monobook, Monaco, this weird one who's name escapes me, Vector (the Wikipedia skin) and this other one which I haven't used a lot, preferring to use Vector or Monaco. But this new skin rocks. Oh yes, people wanted a feature to tell you who's online... we have one. Special:WhosOnline on the wiki will tell you exactly who is online on the wiki. The forums are quick, clean, easy to use... a lot better than Wikia's blogs. Basically, this is the final plea from anyone for the rest of you guys to come over. Please.

Happy New Year, everyone, and all the best for later in your lives. Oh, and if any of the old admins (Dab, Yowuza etc) return, tell them I said 'hi'.

-- Dragonfree97 . 18/12/2008 - 31/12/2010.