Dobutsu no Mori [MANGA]

There are currently four Animal Crossing mangas inspired by different works in the series. There was firstly Dobutsu no Mori: Hohinda Mura Dayori (Animal Forest: Honida's Village). It was edited in 2005 by Shogakukan and drawn by Abe Sayori.

Next, there was Minna no Dobutsu no Mori (Everyone's Animal Forest), drawn by Koyama Yuki in 2008 with the same editor as the preceding manga.

The same year, Oideyo Dobutsu no Mori (Animal Forest: Come on Over) was edited by Ciao Comics and drawn this time by Morie Mako.

As its name would suggest, Tobidase Dobutsu no Mori Minna de Seseragi Mura Life was inspired by Animal Crossing: New Leaf and drawn by Yumiko Marakami. It was edited by ASCII Media Works in 2012. This manga follows the story of Kodona who arrives in Broko Town and who is assumed to be the new mayor of the village. She is helped by Shizue (Isabelle), and makes new friends in Buruusu (Bruce) and Oribia (Olivia).

Those who aren't fazed by the English can read this short manga which comes from CoroCoro Comics, a magazine dedicated to mangas, notably those adapted from video games.