I'm eating some biscuits!

More importantly (to my brain, perhaps not my digestive system), I had a lucid dream last night. I dreamt I went to a hotel; went in the room and there was a girrafe sitting on the bed. This alerted me to the fact I was dreaming, and for about 10 seconds the world fizzed around me. Then I (apparently) woke up. Obviously, Stan, Adrian and this guy who goes to some other school were standing around my bed, shouting at me for not doing the Latin homework. I got dressed, ate breakfast, went to school, and on the bus to school, a pig suddenly appeared and I woke up. (for real).

For the latter half I believe the dream was non-lucid; I think it's called a 'false awakening'.

Meh. Comment. Discuss. Do whatever. Go crazy. I dunno.