Hello, everyone! I come here from Miiverse after one of the users there suggested I come here for my Train Station-related plights.

See, I recently remodeled my Town Hall to the Fairy Tale theme, and hoped I would be able to remodel my Train Station similarly not long after. That was until I found out I need a whopping 100 people to vist my Town. That's a whole lotta people. To make matters worse I have no friends that have this game. Or a 3DS, for that matter.

I tried swapping Friend Codes using Club Tortimer on the Tropical Island, but that is slow and inefficient since most people just want to chat and/or wreak your lovely carnations that you spent ages cross-breeding for (grr...).

So here I am creating this Blog post so that people can swap Friend Codes and vist each others Towns consecutively. Will the process be boring? Very Likely. Will you get sweet virtual rewards by doing it? Yeah!:

  • All three Train Station Themes
  • Good Host Badge (be visited by others 50 times) (Bronze)
  • Neighborhood Traveler Badge (visit other towns 100 times) (Bronze)

I didn't see any other Topics about this on the few pages of Blogs I went through, so this Blog is intended for anyone (including me) to use to get these themes and badges. If a topic like this already exists then I apologize.

Also, you can ask other people too bring certain items or bells with them if they can. Though, this is only a secondary element since the main purpose is for participating members to have the glory of possessing all Train Station themes!

As a bonus on my part, for anyone who also owns Pokémon X/Y my Friend Safari is Poison Type. I cannot remember my other Pokémon, but I know I do have a Whirlipede with it's Hidden Ability Speed Boost, which is pretty neat. Well, I think it is anyway.