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Random Question 2: Whats the most birthdays you have in a row

Franky494 January 19, 2014 User blog:Franky494


If you have Bob, Poncho, Joey and Diana then your record would be 4 birthdays

My Villagers

STARTING: (Restarted my old account)

Agent S - July 2nd

Kitty - February 15th

Ribbot - February 13th

Lucky - November 4th

Vesta - April 16th (I think)

Chow and Shep moved in very recently (Chow -July 22nd, Shep - November 24th)

I woke up earlier today and remembered about my last random blog thing, So I decided to a new one.

Guess what? MUFFY's house is reserved - Her birthday is February 14th

So I have

Ribbot --> Muffy --> Kitty, 3 is my New Leaf Record

OVERALL RECORD - 4 in City Folk

Dec 7 to Dec 10th

Monty --> Eloise --> Becky --> Tom

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