aka Garrett

  • I live in In Ellie's City (Song Reference BB)
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Funemployment
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    Three Big Things

    February 12, 2014 by G-Bot

    Today is a very big day (for me). I now have , and my town is named Atlantis. My current villagers are Bunnie, Coach, Willow, Alice, and Groucho. I will probably not give my friend code out for a while, as my town is currently very sad.

    Another big thing is that today is my birthday, with which I actually share with MerrytonRyan. This is why I got the game today (duh).

    Yet another big thing is that I now have exactly 2,000 edits! Yay me!

    Love you all,

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    December 19, 2012 by G-Bot

    I can't even begin to explain how sorry I am right now. When I got admin on the wiki, an event occured and I was deprived of my Wii, which left me with no Animal Crossing. I took to Minecraft and got caught up with another server and received admin there, and I became obsessed with that rather than this. I completely forgot about the wiki. Later, one of my friends brought up Animal Crossing. I realize all of you think I'm done with the wiki, but no, I'm just catching up. I'm so sorry for leaving for such a long period of time, especially the time I did. This Christmas I'm getting a connector for my Wii and I know I'll be more active here. I'm very excited, and once again, sorry for letting all of you down. Also, I apologize in advance for …

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    Gone for Now

    February 28, 2012 by G-Bot

    I just want to say that I'll be gone for a while. Animal Crossing is just getting boring. I will probably get on in the summer, however. See you then, I guess.

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    5 More Days!

    February 7, 2012 by G-Bot

    Only five more days until by B-Day! WOOT! I WILL have 1,000 edits! I WILL!!!

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    I got there

    February 6, 2012 by G-Bot

    Well, I officially exceeded my 700th edit. . . a while ago. I AM NOW AT 905 EDITS! PROPS TO ME! MUAHAHA!

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