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  • GhostWolfe

    Day 8 - Ideal Little Town

    September 13, 2015 by GhostWolfe

    It's been a week now, and today was the first calm -- no, that's not the right word for it. That makes it sound like my days are hectic, full of rushing and excitement. I mean, they are full of excitement, just -- I'm not doing a very good job of this, am I?

    I love this place, it makes me so happy. There's something calming about filling my days with work at the town hall, and my evenings fishing and watering the multitudes of flowers scattered around town.

    My evenings are given to gardening and the like because, and I cannot express how embarrassed I am by this, I got sunburnt. Badly! I was outside, and it was a beautiful day, and I fell asleep out in the sunshine. I was out there for hours! Dumb, dumb thing to do. Now I'm as brown as a nut…

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  • GhostWolfe

    Day 7 - Head Over Heels

    September 9, 2015 by GhostWolfe

    This morning there was a letter from Lopez. I'm not going to put it in my box at the post office, where I keep the other kind and important letters from the villagers; no, I'm going to keep it right here in my diary, where I can read it whenever I please.

    To my friend Faelan;
    Whoa, it's so strange... When I reread the heartfelt
    letter you sent me, I felt all cheerful again. I wonder how
    one gets as talented with words as you are..?
    Lopes of the Red Rose

    I wanted to do something nice for my Red Rose. He's quite interested in style, so I thought a shirt would suit him, and I found the perfect thing at the Able Sister's store. A camel shirt, the earthy tones complementing his golden fur, with bold gold braid fastening the front.

    On the way home to w…

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  • GhostWolfe

    Day 6 - Getting Settled

    September 5, 2015 by GhostWolfe

    It rained today.

    Really, I could just leave it at that. I love the rain so much. I spent most of the day walking around, both with my umbrella (I love the sound of raindrops pattering on the canopy) and without (I love the feel of raindrops pattering on my skin). I lay on my bed with the lights out and listened to the sound of rain on the roof.

    It was a good day.

    During one of my walks, I passed Lopez and he smiled and told me that his umbrella was mostly for show, because even with an umbrella he always got wet anyway. Then, and I don't remember how it came to be said, he told me that it must have been fate that we met. I think my brain short-circuited when he said that!

    Fate indeed.

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  • GhostWolfe

    Day 5 - Finding my Way

    September 3, 2015 by GhostWolfe

    First order of business today was greeting the newest arrival to Fíonmil. I was still wearing the glowing flower bopper Isabelle gave me when I knocked on my new neighbour's door. A polite voice bid me enter, and so I did, and that when I met... him.

    With his elegant back-swept antlers, neat black hooves, deep golden fur... and here I was with these stupid flowers on my head! I could feel my cheeks burning.

    If he thought I looked stupid, he graciously didn't show it as I welcomed him to town. His name is Lopez, he's a gazelle. Exotic and handsome, would it be completely inappropriate for the Mayor to have a crush on one of her residents?!


    Gosh, reading that back, it makes it sound like the movies, doesn't it? Our eyes meeting over an unpacked …

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  • GhostWolfe

    Town Hall was closed today. I was so impatient about my Town Development Permit but, when I tracked Isabelle down, she told me about the fireworks show. It was the last one of the year, the timing of my arrival in Fíonmil could have only been better timed if I'd arrived exactly four weeks earlier, on the Thursday before the first fireworks show of the Festival.

    For the entire day, I ran around with the biggest grin on my face. I'm also getting a new neighbour! The fence went up around the lot directly behind my house, and I spotted a hybrid cosmos growing near the bridge.

    Such a special day called for something special to wear. I visit the Able Sisters every day, but nothing really special had caught my eye, until today. The moment I tried on …

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