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Day 1 - Arriving in Fíonmil

10:36 am
Today's the big day. I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm vibrating. I'm safely on the train now and we've pulled out of the station, so I feel a little better. Still, my brain is swimming in irrational little thoughts: am I really on the right train? Will I know when my stop is coming up, what if I miss it? What if they lose my luggage?

My entire life is in those bags, what little it is. I didn't end up bringing all that much with me. I'm starting over: new place and new clothes and new furniture. All I really have are the clothes on my back, a few pairs of clean underwear, a toothbrush, a comb, and my favourite books. But there will be new books in Fíonmil, and maybe I'll learn a new hobby.

I know, technically it's already tomorrow, but the new day doesn't start until morning, does that make sense?

It was a long train ride. The other passengers emptied out until it was only me and a cat with pretty dark blue fur. He also noticed we were the only ones left on the train, because he came over and introduced himself. I politely answered his questions, all while thinking "please stop talking to me". He ended up giving me a map, which was nice of him.

By the time I got to Fíonmil, it was already late, past dinner time; I was tired and hungry, I just wanted to find a place to spend the night and something to eat. A nice monkey helped me with my bags, but when I stepped out of the station I was suddenly surrounded by a whole group of curious and eager villagers, all peering at me intently. Turns out, they were expecting an arrival and, though it was past 7 at night, I was the first person to step off the train.

I tried a few times to tell them I wasn't who they were waiting for, but I kept getting cut off or talked over. They even had me help plant a tree in the plaza - some ritual I don't quite understand, I guess. Still, I set about making myself at home: Mr. Nook helped me find a plot of land and even loaned me tent to sleep in tonight, Isabelle gave me a watering can so I could tend the flowers around town, I even gave her a shell I'd found down on the beach.

It's a really nice place and the other residents seem very friendly. Tomorrow I'll sort out this mistaken identity business, and my new life can begin.

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