I got the strangest letter. It was unsigned, but the writer claimed that they were the AWOL Mayor the residents of Fíonmil had been waiting for yesterday. The writer didn't go into any detail, but somehow they were dumping their responsibilities on me! What was I supposed to do? The town had already accepted me as one of their own, and it was clear they didn't have the foggiest notion of who this Mystery Mayor was supposed to be either.

I spent a long time looking at the letter and thinking about what I could do. I could show the letter the Isabelle, but I couldn't help but picture her pretty face falling, ears drooping, when she learnt the truth. What if she thought that I didn't like her, or the town? What if she took it personally? I couldn't do that to her! Not to mention how the other villagers would look at me. I was rejecting them, after they'd been so welcoming.

That made up my mind. Imagining the cold glares from my neighbours, the stiff and brusque service I would get in the stores. There goes Faelan, the would whisper to each other, she thinks she's too good for us.

Besides, how would some wild goose chase for the unidentified letter-writer help anyone? Fíonmil still needed a Mayor in the meantime.

I tucked the letter inside one of my books, and went to the Town Hall to say good morning to Isabelle. She looked tired, but happy as she introduced me to the desk where I would perform my mayoral duties and patiently helped me fill out the various forms and applications required. I gave her a big hug afterwards.

Truthfully, I'm actually pretty excited.

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