Today was a huge day! A busy, productive day. I moved out of Mr Nook's tent and into my own house. It's small, but it's cosy, and really I don't own very much yet, so it's more than enough for just little me.

I welcomed my first new-comer. I wanted to drop by and say hello, not just as the Mayor, but as someone looking to meet new people. He's really energetic, talking to him is probably going to wear me out, but I don't mind, sometimes it's fun to be around energetic people, even if it can be tiring.

The rest of the day was just me working extra hard to earn some bells and get to know everyone. It was time well spent, I paid off my initial loan to Mr Nook and arranged to expand my living space a little bit; and I finished my Application for a Development Permit. I think Isabelle was happy too, because the bells in her hair were jingling.

Now, it's just a waiting game: waiting for my Permit to arrive, and waiting for my membership to the Happy Home Associate to come through.

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