Town Hall was closed today. I was so impatient about my Town Development Permit but, when I tracked Isabelle down, she told me about the fireworks show. It was the last one of the year, the timing of my arrival in Fíonmil could have only been better timed if I'd arrived exactly four weeks earlier, on the Thursday before the first fireworks show of the Festival.

For the entire day, I ran around with the biggest grin on my face. I'm also getting a new neighbour! The fence went up around the lot directly behind my house, and I spotted a hybrid cosmos growing near the bridge.

Such a special day called for something special to wear. I visit the Able Sisters every day, but nothing really special had caught my eye, until today. The moment I tried on the Chima Jeogi Dress, I knew it was perfect. I just had to twirl!

The fireworks were beautiful, lighting up the sky and making those distinctive popping and crackling sounds. I ate so many of Redd's Cookies I sure I'm going to have a delicious tummy ache later. I kept some sparklers, maybe I'll bring them out for my birthday!

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