First order of business today was greeting the newest arrival to Fíonmil. I was still wearing the glowing flower bopper Isabelle gave me when I knocked on my new neighbour's door. A polite voice bid me enter, and so I did, and that when I met... him.

With his elegant back-swept antlers, neat black hooves, deep golden fur... and here I was with these stupid flowers on my head! I could feel my cheeks burning.

If he thought I looked stupid, he graciously didn't show it as I welcomed him to town. His name is Lopez, he's a gazelle. Exotic and handsome, would it be completely inappropriate for the Mayor to have a crush on one of her residents?!


Gosh, reading that back, it makes it sound like the movies, doesn't it? Our eyes meeting over an unpacked box, my hand touches his hoof, or something like that. It wasn't like that at all! Really! He's just... handsome.

I'm blushing again. This is so stupid.

I did other things today!

I went to Town Hall and saw to my Mayoral duties. My permit arrived, so I finally had the authority to make changes. I really felt that Fíonmil needed another bridge over the river, so I was keen when I saw that building one was definitely an option. An expensive option! It was going to take some rather deep pockets to fund that project.

After talking it over with Isabelle, I decided to implement the Bell Boom Ordinance. Most of the details go over my head, but it's a structure of taxes and policies that support businesses in Fíonmil and provide incentives for money coming into the town through trade and export. Don't ask me how it works, I couldn't tell you.

Isabelle introduced me to Lloid (Lloid? am I spelling that right?). He's a Gyroid with a hard hat, and I gotta admit that gyroids kinda freak me out, with their hollow eyes and gaping mouths. I mean, Lloid seems nice, but he wobbles around so violently, it makes me a little uncomfortable.

But we got the project set up, and started funding. I can't wait.

I'm running out of room here, and I haven't said anything about the Island yet. Mayor Tortimer (well, he's not Mayor anymore, but seems disrespectful to call him anything else) visited town yesterday to invite me, and I went to visit today. I guess I can talk about that tomorrow.

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