This morning there was a letter from Lopez. I'm not going to put it in my box at the post office, where I keep the other kind and important letters from the villagers; no, I'm going to keep it right here in my diary, where I can read it whenever I please.

To my friend Faelan;
Whoa, it's so strange... When I reread the heartfelt
letter you sent me, I felt all cheerful again. I wonder how
one gets as talented with words as you are..?
Lopes of the Red Rose

I wanted to do something nice for my Red Rose. He's quite interested in style, so I thought a shirt would suit him, and I found the perfect thing at the Able Sister's store. A camel shirt, the earthy tones complementing his golden fur, with bold gold braid fastening the front.

On the way home to write a letter to go with the gift, I bumped into Robin. I was so excited, that I pulled out the shirt and asked her what she thought -- I didn't tell her who it was for! I just asked if she liked it.

But news travels fast in a small town and I'd run out of writing paper. It took hardly any time before I bumped into Lopez, and he says to me "I heard you got your hands on a camel shirt, I don't suppose I could buy it from you?" I mean, I could have said no, obviously, but it just didn't seem right. Then before I could refuse his money, he was pressing bells into my hand and just smiling so beautifully.

In other, more important news, we had some new arrivals! I'll be able to greet our newest resident properly tomorrow after she's had a chance to unpack; but I did get a chance to check out the new gardening shop.

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