Annnnnd we're back! My first blog post was never gonna reach 50 comments, so that's why you're reading this now. The results have been tallied up and we have a couple of ties to settle!


Grandpa: Matt

Grandma: Robyn

Mother: Mary

Father: Fang

Uncle: HOA

Aunt: Anna

Son: Dan

Daughter: Mini 

Three cheers for everyone who participated in the voting! Hip hip, HOORAY!As for father and uncle... In the comments below, let me know who should be father and who should be uncle. You can only vote once per category and can only vote for one person per category. Basically, Braeden is gonna be in everybody's votes at least once with either Fang or myself right next to him unless you choose to vote for him in both categories. lol See you soon with tiebreaking announcements!

EDIT: The winners for father and uncle have been chosen! Congratulations to Fang for being our wiki father and to myself for earning the wiki uncle. Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to all the winners! :D