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    New Update

    September 28, 2013 by Hunter Biondolino

    Hello everyone my name is Hunter, and I'm a frequent member of this wiki. I'm creating this blog to suggest that we add a couple things to the templates of the animal characters. In the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide, there is also an animals, Skill, Future Goal, and Favorite Style. I think we should add these to the templates. I will give you an example using my favorite animal crossing character of all time: Penelope!!!

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Peppy

    Species: Mouse

    Birthday: February 5th

    Star Sign: Aquarius

    Initial Phrase: "Oh bow"

    Initial Clothes: Pink Wave Shirt

    Skill: Photography

    Future Goal: Actor (Voice Actor?)

    Favorite Style: Cute

    Picture Quote: "One mile or a thousand makes no difference to love."

    Appearance(s): Animal Crossing: …

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