Hello everyone my name is Hunter, and I'm a frequent member of this wiki. I'm creating this blog to suggest that we add a couple things to the templates of the animal characters. In the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide, there is also an animals, Skill, Future Goal, and Favorite Style. I think we should add these to the templates. I will give you an example using my favorite animal crossing character of all time: Penelope!!!

Gender: Female

Personality: Peppy

Species: Mouse

Birthday: February 5th

Star Sign: Aquarius

Initial Phrase: "Oh bow"
Chyuuko's House

Penelope's House.

Initial Clothes: Pink Wave Shirt

Skill: Photography

Future Goal: Actor (Voice Actor?)

Favorite Style: Cute

Picture Quote: "One mile or a thousand makes no difference to love."

Appearance(s): Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I would also like to mention that those three things can be used in game. For example on April Fool's Day, you often need to know their Skill or Future Goal to guess correctly. Also if you want to give them a gift on their Birthday they often want something with their favorite style. Post any thought you have about this idea. And of course animals not present in New Leaf will not be filled out.

Thanks for reading!