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  • IKNOW007

    Hey everyone, it's I-No giving you the buzz on why its best not to sue! First off, Lots of comments on the first 2. Carmen came up with a GREAT idea and it got into this one. + sympathy makes Daimon go splatto on the floor. Now, it's the beast video, WKRP!

    And Now- Carmen's award winning WTHIT3!!!

    Everyone runs. For hours. There are numb legs. Painful glutes. Master CLU's rock-hard abs. (note: DC said that.) and a mystery no one may be able to solve. Suddenly, we stop at a gas station.

    Soupness: What is a Han-Dee Hugo? Clu: I don't know. Is there water there? Dragonfree: (pants) I don't know but I need water and NOW! PS: Uhh, yah? A sudden rush into the store. DC: Uhh, guys? Where's Carmen and Minifig? PS: Everyone search EVERYWHERE for them and h…

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  • IKNOW007

    Hey, it's I-No giving you some news, some laughs, and some reasons to sign restraining orders!!! First off, I'm doing this while DC is at the hospital. She got hit by a truck, but she's OK. Next- A thing I call the random video thing. Johnny Fever and the phone cops- yes!

    And now, our featured program!

    Minifig apoligez to PS. She goes, "OK." Mick says to "Carmen, Carmen, my sweet, will you have me back?"

    She says, "NO. After you treat me like salami, why should I even LOOK at you?" He says, "But Carmen, dear, sweet Carmen, I can't live without you. I'll be miserable." She grins and says, "Let me put you out of your misery." With a crack of the gun, it is finished. The tortured soul that was Mick is no more. His blood spills out over the land.…

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